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Kürzestzusammenfassung: Neue Energie = ENDE der Verantwortlichkeit. Ende des Glaubens, alles selbst tun zu müssen.

A book excerpt from The Ascension Companion:


RESPONSIBILITY IS GREATLY tied into ascension, as it relates to the old ways of thinking that we have to do everything ourselves. Through the ascension process, we begin to let go of much of our responsibilities. We cannot do it all and we are certainly not responsible for everything...even though many times we seemed to think we were.

The "first wave" of lightworkers, generally speaking, were of baby boomer age. In this way, those who had children were then grown by the time the ascension process began for them, and they were then freed up to experience this unusual and transformative process of ascension. "No attachments" is a good way to describe what ascension strives to create, and in the old world, attachments came with responsibilities.

Responsibility comes two-fold in relation to ascension. By not connecting or being more in alignment with Source, we then believe that we are responsible for most things and especially for making anything happen. Secondly, as we begin to experience exhaustion and letting go through the process of ascension, we are then much more attached to Source, as our lives become much more simplified and pure.

So then, through ascension and our arrival into a higher way of being, we come to know that 1)attachments pull us down into a false sense of responsibility, and 2) we need only wear our "one hat," or contribute our one pure purpose here, therefore letting go of all our old responsibilities of doing it all. (Our one pure purpose is the gift and talent that is left when much all else falls away.)

In the higher realms, much of everything is really "hands off." We cannot take responsibility, for instance, for the experiences and growth of another. I can't tell you how many times I have seen well-intentioned people meddling in a soul growth experience of another or of the planet. It is rarely our responsibility, to save the planet through having a meditation for rain, for example. If we were to check in with the earth during each situation, the majority of time we would find that all was in divine and perfect order. Earth cleansings and purifications are vitally important for the process. The earth knows what she is doing, and can take care of herself. In regard to her residents, the majority of the time that we desire to meddle, individuals are having soul growth experiences, and "saving" them greatly interferes with their process. But most importantly, it pulls us away from our connection to Source, as we are "saving" from our ego or dis-connect selves. There are always exceptions to the above, as each situation is unique. This is why being connected is so vitally important. It tells us what is really going on.

Energy always knows what it is doing. There are "rules" and there is order in the cosmos...all relating to energy. Evolution, then, is simply following the "rules." Things get bad in order for a summoning to occur. A summoning creates a higher way, and so forth. It is not our responsibility to help and assist at every turn. If we do, we only block, complicate, and lengthen the process. We also interfere with the process of summoning. So if you have found yourself greatly backing off from becoming involved or taking responsibility for much, it is only because you are evolving into a higher level being.

The highest of the higher level non-physical beings never meddle...they wait to be asked, and even then, they sometimes do not answer as they do not wish to interfere with our individual process of finding out and growing on our own. A lower level non-physical being will answer all your questions and be there morning, noon, and night, therefore interfering with your own connection to Source by not allowing you to be Source yourself. Non-solicited visitation from a non-physical being is rarely good. There are always exceptions, of course, as there are times when we need to know something important. When I meet with the Star Beings, we have a community meeting area in a portal out in nature, as they do not believe in entering the sanctuary of my home. They are highly respectful. Others will come when I call, but only for specific purposes. In this way, I can strengthen my own connection to Source, as I am Source, as are you. So you see, at higher levels of existence, no one takes responsibility for another. It is simply not the way.

To reach the higher realms, we have to be free and clear. It is about being in the moment. It is about no attachments. It is about having that greater connection to Source because we are no longer connected to much else. There is a pattern and there is order here. It is an intentional process.

If you have chosen this page, you are being asked to let go of your old illusions of responsibility. Letting go of attachments is part of the process. And as you connect more strongly to Source, you come to know that you need not do it all yourself.

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Meine Damen, meine Herren!

Ich sehe wieder mal, warum ich mit diesen neumödischen Texte solche Mühe haben - die benutzen einfach nicht die gleichen Worte wie ich. Verantwortung, das ist nämlich eine sehr gute, sehr wichtige Sache.

Was in diesem Text allerdings kritisiert wird, ist die Überverantwortung! Es ist richtig, es ist oft besser, sich gar nicht einzumischen in viele Dinge. Und um das korrekt entscheiden zu können, muss jemand allerdings auch wieder - Verantwortung für sich selbst, das eigene Denken, das Fühlen, das Handeln und Nicht-Handeln übernehmen.

es grüsst Sie zum Abend
fräulein rottenmeier

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Danke, krishni!

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aber gerne, fräulein silverwings!


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