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Equinox Message from the Star being Councils of Light
22 September 2010 - 4:01pm | sensipeter **
Solara An-Ra
Dearest Tribe, herewith a last minute message of encouragement and love from the Star being Councils of Light ...

Tribe of Terra, hear our words now and rise to the occasion!

The occasion we speak of is on one hand the Equinox alignment with your Sun-star, which brings equality of light & dark hours to both the north and south of your planet. Equality of light & dark hours is a point of balance on the weighing scales of 3-D time, which precedes the movement into darker or lighter season. In this balance point, on the 22nd-23rd of this month, you are being given a huge Light transmission from the Star beings and Councils of Light.

We ask you to rise to the occasion and make the effort to gather in your sacred circles and connect with all on Gaia through love, in order to use our Light transmission to the optimum effect for the healing of your planet. We celebrate with you the return of the wisdom ways of your ancestors, who gathered always at these sacred times to charge each other and your planet with Light energy from your Sun-star and Gaia!

And, from a broader perspective, this occasion of the Equinox equal night and day is also a metaphor for the balance point in which your tribe finds itself at this time. And we ask you to rise to this occasion as well!

The shifting of dark into light and then light into dark can be viewed in terms of consciousness through the timeline of the ages. Many of you look back to the time of Atlantis for an example of enlightened consciousness on planet Terra. And this was so, the Atlantean civilisation surely did achieve a high vibration of Light, which was subsequently overcome by the dark ones (who as always are there to provide the polarity within a planet of duality). There have been many rises and falls of consciousness on your planet, and you can understand this in terms of cycles which come and go.

What we wish to stress is that this time, as you raise your frequency out of the darkness of forgetting and fear, what you are going through is more than just another cycle of awakening. Your present ascension into the Age of Light is an unprecedented event. It is a one-off occasion. It is a shift in which you third dimensional beings are transmuting into Light beings who hold Christ consciousness, while still in physical bodies, and while still on planet!

The ‘Ascended Masters’ you revere are those who gained the ability to do this while on Terra – and who have chosen to stay in connection with Earth from higher dimensions in order to assist you. And what you are learning now is to do as they did – to move into your Light bodies at will – but in this case you will choose to stay on this planet as she raises her frequency into an ascended state, rather than having to leave.

Do you comprehend the importance of this step? Do you understand how the future of the Universes depends on your success in this transition? The Star beings and Cosmic Masters of Light assisting the Divine Plan for Gaia are in the millions! Why? Because as they assist you, they are working towards the highest good of your entire Galaxy and the Universe Itself!

Rise from your slumbers dear tribe of Gaia, and collect together in groups of Light-tribe across your planet, at this Equinox, and indeed as often as possible - for it is not possible for you to raise your frequency sufficiently without each other’s help. To try and move into ascension frequencies on your own, in your individual living place, without friendship, support, connection and love from each other, is a pointless endeavour.

Do your individual meditations, yes, to stay in balance and vertical connection ... but make the effort to meet more and more of your Light-tribe, for any reason whatsoever – for it is in your gathering together that your power is amplified and the Light on Gaia returns once more. We say again, you should not be waiting for 2012 for the miracle to occur.

Love love love
Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light


Gibts evtl. eine Liebe Seele, die das übersetzt?

PS.: ** Ist bei uns am 22.09.2010

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