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Bitte sehr, interessant finde ich, das er "wächst" (heller/dunkler teil des Diagramms) wie letztes Jahr bei der "Rückkehr der Taube(n)"


The formation at Milk Hill looks very much like a kokopelli.

Alton Barnes white horse and orange lights.[/size]

Further to my e-mail of 21st June, later on that evening at 10.30 I saw 5 orange lights coming through the gap between Walkers Hill and Knap Hill at Alton Barnes. They were in a line, one after the other; as they reached the village itself, the first one raised up quite slowly, and at first I thought it might be a plane banking towards the west, but then the formation stayed like that as it slowly ascended while moving towards the south until went into a bank of cloud and disappeared. About 5 minutes later a single orange light appeared from the direction as the original five and again slowly ascended while heading south until it again disappeared into the cloud. All this time I was using binoculars and there was definitely no solid object behind the lights (i.e. Plane or helicopters) and there was no sound whatsoever. We have helicopters regularly practising near the hills and the sound is very apparent even from quite a long way off. They were obviously not balloons or kites as they would have been affected by the thermals rising, and also would not kept to such a strict formation. It is only a few minutes ago when I searched on my computer that I learned that these lights have been seen before in the same area. I wonder if anyone else saw them. I would have thought that this would be very likely, as the car park on Knap Hill contains several vehicles, as people have come for the Solstice celebrations, and the lights would have been right overhead.

Liz Kellett.

The first thing what I saw on "Wiltshire formation" was our Planetary System (inner Planets). In 2012 our Sun system will have a unique Planet constellation. See it in the Formation from :Avebury in Wiltshire 15.07.2008 And in the formation we see the "SYNC-BEAM" The transformation (Boxes) and our inner Planetary System. (See Picture for more details).

Read more about "Sync-Beam" - Nexus Event

Sascha Klein

The original part seems to me, to be point towards planetary alignment, with the oval main shape representing an elliptical path. The points seem to represent north and east compass points, being dissected at 45 degrees and quite clearly pointing to the hill. The whole thing looking a bit like a sexton as used by the Navy for navigation of the stars. (connection between Earth and sky???)

Paul Anderson


Last night on TV was a show "Nostradamus and 2012" showing a much hyped "lost book" newly found supposedly with illustrations by Nostradamus. I was questioning the entire thing, all two hours of it, until I remembered the above described crop circle (see attachment). I think the picture I enclose is upside down to what I saw, but Nostradamus on his "page 7" had a pendant displaying exactly this crop circle!

My question is: what date was this crop circle?

I am of the opinion that all crop circles are placed with the intention of being seen from the air, so that means that the circle makers know we have the ability to get up there. The crop circles I saw at Bathurst, being "keyhole" type, I thought for some reason were extremely common. This is why I did not send it to you for 5 years. On reviewing all your work, I see at the most another three, none of which were identical. The angle of the "offset" circle being different on each. I was amazed to see they were world wide, and that all the "keyhole" ones seem amateurish, as if a "learner" circle maker was doing the work.

I have placed all your pictures that seem to apply; into files, named "Astronomical", "Comet Hits" "Chaotic Orbit" "Wormholes" and so on. I think I should open one and call it "Magnetic Field". They all seem to be warnings - trying to reach out into our intellect and get a message across.

You might be interested to know that Nostradamus in his "hidden texts" (anagrams which form meaning taken from each line of his verses, in every single case they say something), has mentioned using "music" as part of his code. This was corroborated by yourselves I believe. The appearance of music in a crop circle I mean...

The Flying Scarab with Sun Disc seems to have only one prior source - on a wall bas relief. Which, to me, only validates the crop circle.

What started me on this course is the work I have been doing on Nostradamus since 1981. All of which seemed a waste of time once I found out about the anagrams. I have done a chapter I titled "Climate Change", (from the face value verses as well as now from the anagrams) and strangely, some of his work (in many areas) seems to have an illustration in a crop circle. Many are related to planetary happenings, and even "visitors"...

One example; Amongst the climate change warnings to us he has given a new recipe for fuel. So this is the reason I am taking the anagram work seriously. And the crop circles.

Helen Parks

The tear drop has been identified as a solar storm in other commentary. This image speaks of what appears to be a technological relationship to such a storm. An old school crop circle cross is actually bent and apparently locked into its relationship with the teardrop.


This is a short criticism of the article posted by The CMM group about the Milk Hill formation July 21st.

CMM say:

“Milk Hill of June 21, 2009 showed a large, teardrop-shaped symbol for planet Earth, in order to tell us that five CMEs from the Sun will follow curved paths through interplanetary space to reach our planet soon.”

It would be helpful if you did not make statements like this and recognised that you are speculating. The latest addition to this crop form suggests your speculation is incorrect. I, for one, can see no good reason why the earth should be depicted in the shape you suggest or why the sun should be depicted five times as ever decreasing circles. Your data is also riddled with factual errors, a few are indicated below.

CMM say:

“Two long, thin arrows mark where along the horizon our Moon will be located on July 7 at 1200 UT (due north) or 1700 UT (due east).”

On July 7th the Moon at 1200 UT is about 60 degrees below the Avebury horizon and at 1700 UT it is about 30 degrees below the Avebury horizon

CMM say:

“An earlier crop picture at Milk Hill on June 13 suggested that our Sun would flare late in the afternoon of July 7 at 1700 UT, when it is low in the west.”

The sun is about 30 degrees above the Avebury horizon at this time.

CMM say:

Based on previous examples from 2004 or early 2009, we can be pretty sure that their “teardrop” symbol represents a coronal mass ejection from our Sun. Why then would they have drawn planet Earth in the form of a large “teardrop” on June 21, unless several CMEs will impact upon it soon?

In my opinion this is, at best, tortured logic.

Mark Vidler

The Milk Hill (3) formation with its latest addition reminded me of the theory by Jeremy Stride that most circles are showing us alternative energy propulsion systems: I don't recall seeing this mentioned on your site before so thought I'd share it with you.

[size=150] Milk Hill of June 21, 2009 showed a large, teardrop-shaped symbol for planet Earth,
in order to tell us that five CMEs from the Sun will follow curved paths through interplanetary space to reach our planet soon

Quite a few crop pictures from the early summer of 2009 have discussed the astronomy of our solar system in general (see waylandsmithy), or the possibility of an upcoming solar storm in particular (see southfield or westkennettavenue). So is a solar storm really going to happen or not?

A new crop picture at Milk Hill on June 21, 2009 seems to provide one of the least ambiguous indications so far, that our Sun will truly emit a series of CMEs (coronal mass ejections) toward Earth in the near future, perhaps on the full Moon of July 7, 2009. Yet in order to understand what they are showing us there, first we need to review what they showed us in the past.

“Teardrop” shapes for several validated CMEs (coronal mass ejections) in 2004

On July 15, 2004 in South Field (see southfield), then two weeks later on July 28-31 at Tan Hill (see tanhill2004a), those crop artists told us about a major solar storm which lit up many of Earth’s skies with bright auroras on July 26-27. It was caused by the ejection of two CMEs from our Sun one day earlier on July 25 (see olympic_aurora).

Ten days before that solar storm on July 15, 2004, we were shown in South Field the schematic picture of our Sun while it was emitting two large “teardrop” shapes:

The most common shape for any CME is that of a “teardrop” (above right), and so one may reasonably conclude that those crop artists knew about the solar storm 10 days before it happened, even though leading scientists on Earth did not.

“Teardrop” shapes for several predicted CMEs in the early summer of 2009

We have seen such “teardrop” shapes also in the current crop circle season, for example at Peaks Down on May 9, 2009 (see peaksdown or peaksdown) or at Milk Hill on June 2, 2009 (see milkhill):

These and other crop pictures from 2009 have seemed to predict a solar storm for the upcoming date of July 7, which is an apogee full Moon and also a penumbral lunar eclipse.

Milk Hill of June 21, 2009 shows a “teardrop” symbol for planet Earth

Based on previous examples from 2004 or early 2009, we can be pretty sure that their “teardrop” symbol represents a coronal mass ejection from our Sun. Why then would they have drawn planet Earth in the form of a large “teardrop” on June 21, unless several CMEs will impact upon it soon?

We can see on the left of that new crop picture a round circle for our “Sun”, which seems to be emitting five CMEs along curved paths through space that eventually intersect with planet Earth at the red asterisk. One small quadrant of “teardrop Earth”, where those CMEs will impact soon, may be seen in high-resolution field photographs to be “lit up brightly”.

On the right, we can see a dumbbell-shaped symbol for our “Moon” which first appeared in the early 1990’s (see time2007f). Two long, thin arrows mark where along the horizon our Moon will be located on July 7 at 1200 UT (due north) or 1700 UT (due east).

An earlier crop picture at Milk Hill on June 13 suggested that our Sun would flare late in the afternoon of July 7 at 1700 UT, when it is low in the west (see milkhill2). A “dragonfly” picture on June 3 likewise suggested that our Sun would flare when it is low in the west (see yatesbury).

Field orientation of the new crop picture using Google Earth

When we use Google Earth to determine how that new crop picture is aligned geographically in the field, we find that its two lunar symbols are lined up close to north (1200 UT) or east (1700 UT) with an error of about 10o:

Curved tracks though space between Sun and Earth

Finally, one is entitled to inquire why all of the paths for those CMEs were shown as curved, once they leave the Sun and travel through interplanetary space towards Earth? The reason apparently is because those huge, ionized balls of plasma tend to travel along curved paths in the Sun’s interplanetary magnetic field (see or

Wow, that is pretty amazing! Who designed and made that Milk Hill crop picture: two old guys with rope and boards, or an extra-terrestrial astrophysicist?

The CMM Research Group

PS We would like to thank Giulia Pellizzari, Andrew Pyrka, Russell Stannard, Charles Mallett and Steve Alexander for some of the field photographs used here.

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meine meinung.. ähem hüstel

also wenn schon kokopeli - dann den richtigen....
der richtige... dessen flöte wächst von wo anders raus.... der hier ist stark entmannt....
krishnas flöte ist halt überall ein thema...

ich sehe den hier bzw. fühle ihn auch eher astronomisch.
und mein komisches gefühl ist dann.. dass die quadrate und rechtecke turbulenzen oder anomalien im raum darstellen - die die bahnen ablenken von was... wie ein feld, das eine veränderung in umlaufbahnen bewirken könnte...
erster gedanke..

zweiter gedanke:
endende zeitlinien
und sprung auf andere zeitlinien

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was sind CME 's?

das Wort wird häufig erwähnt "those CMEs were shown as curved"....

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Abkürzung für Coronal Mass Ejections

#170 RE: Kornkreise 2009 von artus22 25.06.2009 10:47

Zitat von christina
Abkürzung für Coronal Mass Ejections



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Rough Hill,
nr Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire.
Reported 24th June.

Kommentare und Artikel gibt's noch keine


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Noch ein paar weitere Bilder und Kommentare


Below Milk Hill (3),
nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.
Reported 21st June.

Tonight when I saw this new formed crop circle, which has been completed in 2 nights, I immediately thought of a ‘belly dancer’ away and found a matching picture… remarkable resemblance, don’t you think? Especially pay attention to the ‘tear drop shaped belt-buckle’ in both pictures. I would like to call this one “The Belly Dancer”. J,

[size=150]The erection of a new world tree

This formation shows the rebirth of planet earth in the beginning of new age in 2012. The formation has been formed in 2 days, which refers to the dynamic process of this recreation process. The centre of this formation depicts an “egg” linked with a sextant of 90°, which refers to new life in connection with the 4 seasons (during one season the sun moves 90° through the zodiac). For this reason the formation has been formed on midsummer. However, the sextant precisely points to 45°. On the 5th May, the sun is exactly half way between the beginning of spring (20th March) and the beginning of summer (20th - 21st June), which exactly corresponds with a difference of 45° in the zodiac. In the year 2012, the 5th May is characterized by a planetary alignment, namely an alignment of the sun, Jupiter, the black moon, Sedna (which actually is Nibiru) and the south node:

Actually on this day a 6th dwarf planet will be aligned, namely the asteroid Ceres, which however is seldom interpreted in astrology. This has been depicted as a barely visible circle.

The planetary alignment of this day is of mayor importance, because this is connected with the notorious planetary alignment on the 5th May 2000, 12 years before: on that day all personal planets, including the sun and moon were aligned. Also the relative position of the black moon to the nodes of the moon is fully identical: the mutual position of these energetical points show a cycle of exactly 6 years.

The angle of 45 degrees of the sextant refers to the precise alignment of the sun during midsummer (20th or 21st June) with the so called Hunab Ku, meanwhile the sun moves 45 degrees through the zodiac, starting from the 5th May 2012. The Hunab Ku is the Maya-term for the centre of our galaxy, which is said to be the source of new life. This means that on that day the Earth is in the centre of the galaxy for an observer on the sun and this also explains why this formation arose on this day. For an observer on Earth however, a few days earlier, on the 14th June, the sun will be aligned with the central belt star of Orion and the Orion Nebula, which is also considered as a place of creation by the Maya-civilization. Note moreover that the centre of the galaxy actually is an area and for an observer on the sun on the 14th June the earth still can be considered to be in the centre of the galaxy. Note also that the day of this formation falls exactly 40 draconic months before the recreation of the world.

The 14th June 2012 also falls 40 days after the 5th May and the period of 40 days always has been considered as a holy number especially regarding a creation process in time. This is connected with the “Tzolkin” the holy galactic calendar of the Maya. This calendar consists of a cycle of 20 days (the 20 so called solar seals) along with a cycle of 13 days: the 13 tones of creation. The period of 40 days precisely fits with the cycle of 20 days and there is a difference of only 1 day regarding the 13 tones of creation (3 x 13 = 39 instead of 40). Moreover it’s very notable that the 14th June 2012 has the same “signature” regarding the Tzolkin as the 5th May 2000: the recreation of the world has a relationship with a personal realignment. The rebirth of planet Earth has been depicted by a channel of birth at both sides of the line that depicts this birth.

However still we may wonder why the formation clearly tells us: 45 degrees and not 40 degrees. In this respect we should note that on the day of the recreation of the world Venus and the Pleiades among others play the first violin. When we “measure” the distance from the sun to the midpoint of Venus and the Pleiades on the 5th May 2012 and compare this with the 14th June 2012, we find the following values:

5th May 2012: sun: 15° Taurus; Venus/Pleiades: 11° Gemini; difference: -26°

14th June 2012: sun 24° Gemini; Venus/Pleiades: 5° Gemini; difference: 19°

The position of the sun relative to the midpoint of Venus and the Pleiades precisely moves 19° - -26° = 19° + 26° = 45°!

At the top of the formation, the process of coming to an alignment of the 5 celestial bodies has symbolically been depicted. Note that this is connected with 6 x 2 squares, which seems to refer to the orrery, or the mechanical device that is used to simulate the movements of the planets (see article CMM), ending up in this alignment. However we also find the following numbers:



6 x 2 = 12 (number of squares)

2 + 12 = 14

6 + 2 + 12 = 20

Out of the numbers 14, 6, 20 and 12 the date 14/6/2012 can be derived! The 5 bows with a decreasing number of circles, seems to refer to a kind of symbolic “count down” until the 14th June. In this respect he crop circle makers paid extra attention to the important solar eclipse of the 20th – 21st May, 24 days before the recreation of the world.

It’s very notable that the crop circle makers in 2009 pay a lot of attention to the recreation of the world on the 14th June 2012: this is already the 7th crop circle formation that refers to this! This is in contrast with the crop circle formations of 2008: in 2008 the main theme of the crop circle formations was the true end of the spiral of time on the 1st June 2012 (which is not the 21st December 2012 as Maya-researchers believe): the impressive number of 10 (!) formations, which appeared on very specific dates in the year 2008 clearly pointed to the different aspects of that. Why??

2008 – 2012: 4 years, 4 is the number of the cross, the 4 wind-directions of the erection of a world tree and the cross that crosses present age

2009 – 2012: 3 years, 3 is the number of harmony and that is the aim of the recreation of the world: restoring and creating harmony!

Conclusion: the recreation of the world on the 14th June 2012 should not be considered as doomsday, but as the day of the full restoration of harmony on planet Earth!!!

Marc Smulders

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wunderschön, dass er unterhalb des white horse ist...

#174 RE: Kornkreise 2009 von artus22 25.06.2009 14:03

Hier enige interessante Gedanken von Werner Neuner zur Zeitqualität in Verbindung mit den Kornkreisen:

Von: Werner Neuner []

Gesendet: Dienstag, 23. Juni 2009 21:53
Betreff: Vision Neue Erde

Liebe Gabriele Lux!

Wir erleben heftige Bewegungen im morphogenetischen Feld.

Kurz nachdem die Sonne am 21. Juni den Höchststand erreicht hatte, gingen im Alpenraum die heftigsten Regenfälle seit 50 Jahren nieder.

Das Feuer trifft auf das Wasser mit heftiger Reaktion.

Die Kornkreise sprechen weiterhin von Sonnenstürmen. Sie kündigen mit dem nächsten Vollmond für den 7. 7. 2009 mächtige Sonnenaktivitäten an.

Die Sonne gibt nach monatelanger Pause wieder kräftige Lebenszeichen nach sich.

Wie können wir das deuten?
Und was können wir konkret tun?

Eine Antwort: Die Vision Neue Erde

Die Meditation „Vision Neue Erde“

Beginnen wir mit dem, was wir tun können:

Wir können kraft unseres Bewusstseins, das wir sind und kraft der Liebe, die wir sind, Visionen und Bilder erzeugen, die Wirklichkeiten erschaffen. Wenn wir das gemeinsam und vernetzt tun, bekommen unsere Visionen eine Verwirklichungskraft, die weit über unsere Vorstellungen hinausreicht.

Wir bewegen uns mit 2012 rasch einem außergewöhnlichen Übergang zu, dem Ende der marsianischen Epoche und dem Beginn der venusischen Zeit.

Mit der Vision2012 gestalten wir diesen Übergang bewusst mit!
Daher wollen wir von nun an diese Vision stets zu Vollmond, um 20 Uhr in das morphogenetische Feld übertragen.
Der nächste Vollmond ist am 7. Juli 2009.

Beteilige dich bitte an dieser Vision, allein oder mit Freunden bzw. Gleichgesinnten, denen Mutter Erde am Herzen liegt!

Die Vision Neue Erde lautet:

Wir erschaffen eine Vision.
Wir sehen diese Vision kraft unseres Bewusstseins.
Und wir spüren diese Vision durch die Liebe unseres Herzens.

Wir sehen eine Neue Erde.
Wir sehen einen Neuen Menschen.
Wir sehen einen Menschen, der mit seinem eigenen Herzen im Einklang ist.
Und wir sehen einen Menschen, in dem das reine, klare Bewusstsein erwacht ist.

In diesem Menschen lebt die Achtsamkeit.
In diesem Menschen lebt der Friede.
In diesem Menschen lebt die Liebe.

Wir sehen eine freie Welt.
Wir sehen eine Welt, in der sich der Mensch frei entfalten kann.
Und wir sehen eine Welt, in der sich
die Heilung der Liebe vollendet hat.

Wir sehen in dieser Neuen Welt
ein neues, nachhaltiges, fließendes Geldsystem,
das allen Menschen dient.

Wir sehen in dieser neuen Welt eine Menschheit,
die Fülle und Wohlstand für jeden
im Einklang mit der Mutter Erde verwirklicht hat.

Wir sehen in dieser Neuen Welt
Energiesysteme mit frei zugänglicher Energie,
die im vollkommenen Einklang mit Mutter Erde gewonnen wird.

Wir verbinden uns mit all jenen Menschen und Menschengruppen,
die diese Meditation jetzt oder zu einem anderen Zeitpunkt durchführen
und mit all jenen, die etwas Gleichgesinntes bewirken wollen.

Kraft unseres göttlichen Bewusstseins, das wir sind
und kraft der Liebe, die wir sind
übergeben wir diese Vision
an die Verwirklichungskraft der Mutter Erde,
an die Verwirklichungskraft unseres Bewusstseins
und an die Verwirklichungskraft unserer Liebe.

So sei es.
Und so ist es!

Leite diese Vision bitte weiter!


Der 4. Event Vision2012

Die Vision Neue Erde ist das zentrale Ereignis dieses Events, der heuer bereits zum 4. Mal stattfindet.
Termin: 27. bis 29. November 2009
Ort: Hachinga-Halle, Grünauer Allee 6, D-82008 Unterhaching

Sag bitte auch diesen Event weiter!


Feuer und Wasser, die alchemistische Hochzeit

Wie ich bereits in meinem letzten Newsletter geschrieben habe, beobachten wir in diesem Jahr bereits sehr früh heftige Kornkreis-Aktivitäten.
Die Themen der Kornkreis-Piktogramme konzentrieren sich auf folgende Themen:

Sonne und Feuer:

Die Ankündigung eines ersten Sonnensturmes am 7. 7. 2009 und eines weiteren im Jahr 2012, Darstellung mythische Feuersymbole, wie dem Phönix (der aus der Asche neu erwacht) oder des Donnervogels der Azteken.

Wassersymbole, wie eine riesige Darstellung einer Qualle oder einer Fische-Trinität.

Numerologische Hinweise auf die 6 und auf die 7:

Die Zahl 6 steht für das Element Feuer, für das heilende Feuer. Es verbrennt jene Programme in uns, über die wir gesteuert und manipuliert werden. Besonders dann, wenn wir im Neuner-Kalender Häufungen der Zahl 6 haben, oder die Zahl 6 als „Basisthema“ vorangeht.

Und das wird noch bis zum 12. September 2009 der Fall sein.
Danach tritt die Zahl 7 auf und wird uns für die kommenden 169 Tage begleiten.

Die Zahl 7 steht für Reinigung und Klärung, für das wahre Licht. Das bedeutet, dass Illusionen und Täuschungen, scheinbarer Glanz und Trug an Macht verlieren.

Wenn die 7 in Erscheinung tritt, erschafft die Sonne einen Spiegel der Wahrheit, in dem sich jeder Trug verflüchtigt und das wahre Licht erstrahlt.

Dies ist die Zeit, in der jede Wertung vergeht, wir in die Phase der Urteilsfreiheit eintreten und uns endlich wieder an unsere Urmatrix zu erinnern beginnen.

Auffallend ist in diesem Zusammenhang, dass wir am 7. 7. 2009 den nächsten Vollmond haben und dass die Kornkreismacher dieses Datum vehement im Zusammenhang mit der Sonne ankündigen.

Die kosmische Hochzeit

Ein häufiges Element der Kornkreise ist in diesem Jahr das „Yin-Yang“.
Die Botschaft dahinter ist klar.

Es geht um die Vereinigung der Pole: in uns, aber nicht nur in uns.

Es geht um die Vereinigung des Männlichen mit dem Weiblichen auf allen Ebenen, es geht um die alchemistische Hochzeit.
Das ist die primäre Heilung, die stattfinden soll, die stattfinden muss.

Von Mensch zu Mensch, aber auch von Himmel zu Erde.

Das Projekt Venusblume ist ein Schlüssel dazu.

Die Sonne zeigt jetzt, nach jahrelanger Pause, wieder massive Aktivitäten. Sie hielt noch einen Moment lang inne, als die Hunab Ku (die Zentralsonne unserer Galaxie) am 18. Juni am höchsten stand, hat nun aber wieder begonnen, mächtig aktiv zu werden.

Sie wendet sich mit ihren Eruptionen klärend der Mutter Erde zu, um sich mit ihr zu vereinigen.

Möge diese Botschaft von uns verstanden werden!

So sei es!

Und so ist es!

In Verbundenheit
Werner Johannes Neuner


#175 RE: Kornkreise 2009 von artus22 25.06.2009 14:09

Weitere Bilder / Kommentare eingefügt am 26.06.09................

Magic! ? Mushroom complete with spores!

by Michelle Jennings

Once again, as well as information about our galaxy, solar system and earth and moon, the circlemakers seem to want us to ponder all forms of life existing on Earth. We have had examples of the animal kingdom, and the unicellular kingdom of prokaryotes. Now we are presented with a beautiful member of the eukaryotic group of life forms–those with nuclei in their cells and multi-cellular complexity. There is some evidence that fungi existed 4 billion years ago, and definite evidence for them 400 million years ago.


“As the sister group of animals and part of the eukaryotic crown group that radiated about a billion years ago, the fungi constitute an independent group equal in rank to that of plants and animals. They share with animals the ability to export hydrolytic enzymes that break down biopolymers, which can be absorbed for nutrition. Rather than requiring a stomach to accomplish digestion, fungi live in their own food supply and simply grow into new food as the local environment becomes nutrient-depleted.”

The circlemakers show us that they are up on our recent biological explorations:

“The Fungi constitute a large and diverse group of organisms. Until the 1960s, fungi were considered members of the plant kingdom. With the advent of the five-kingdom system of biological classification, fungi were assembled into a single kingdom because of their similar ecological roles as primary decomposers of organic matter and their similar anatomical and biochemical features. Recent studies that compare the sequence of amino acids in proteins from fungi, plants, and animals now indicate that fungi share a closer evolutionary relationship to animals than to plants.”

Here is a good site for gathering the information humans have gleaned regarding evolution of fungi and other living matter, and the importance each have in terms of life on our beautiful planet:

Hey just wanted to share a conversation we've been having about the latest "mushroom" in the Crop Circle Group @ the World Unification Network (; a conversation between my cousin and I prompted me to investigate the possibility that the formation was showing a sunrise and not a mushroom... I flipped it over and replaced the inner circles with full moons and had to search the internet just to see how many total eclipses will happen before 2012... I was pleasantly surprised to find that 3 is the number, and found that the views of earth from the moon (wikipedia) seem to be what the continental shaped blobs seem to represent, almost all of the earth will see 1 of 3 total lunar eclipses before the year 2012... also interesting to note that these 3 total eclipses will occur in a row, without any partial eclipses happening in between their occurrences on December 21 2010 June 15 2011 December 10 2011 food for thought (just like a mushroom)

Some links:-

wiki lunar eclipse sched -
The conversation about Crop Circles @ the World Unification Network
3 views of the earth from the moon during the next 3 Total Lunar Eclipses
2010Dec21, 2011Jun15 and 2011Dec10
photoshop'd diagram of 'mushroom' crop circle flipped and made as a sunrise/eclipse*T9-0gsv-wv...J3/sunrise2.jpg

#176 RE: Kornkreise 2009 von hedibaer 25.06.2009 15:03

Lieber Michael und Kai-Ra-San
danke für das Einstellen der Kornkreisbilder und der Schemata. Leider sind die Erklärungen vielfach in Englisch und
daher nicht so nachvollziehbar, deswegen ist die kurze Erklärung von Neuner schon mal was.
Ich finde die Konkreise bemerkenswert in ihrer Ausdrucksweise und ich kann sie natürlich einfach erstmal auf mich
wirken lassen.

#177 RE: Kornkreise 2009 von amira 25.06.2009 22:22

hallo ihr lieben,

ach, sind sie schööööööööön diese kornkreise, ich kann mich gar nicht satt sehen an ihnen.............

die kollektive vision der neuen erde finde ich super, ich mache sehr gerne mit

um die übersetzungs-wartezeit zu überbrücken - und bevor wir von sonnenstürmen möglicherweise etwas durchgebeutelt werden ,
hier etwas für unseren körper zum eintunen...... eine info aus dem heutigen online-standard, die uns den bauch vor lauter lachen wohl
ziemlich durchschüttelt:

Zugedröhnte Kängurus produzieren Kornkreise
25. Juni 2009, 20:14

Diese Kornkreise in Deutschland stammen von Menschenhand, in Australien wurden indessen berauschte Kängurus als Verantwortliche hinter den geheimnisumwitterten Erscheinungen ausgeforscht.

Vom Opium in Mohnsamen berauschte Tiere hüpfen im Kreis durch Felder
Sydney - Das Rätsel geheimnisvoller Kreise auf australischen Feldern ist gelöst: Berauscht vom Opium in Mohnsamen sind kleine Kängurus (Wallabys) auf den Feldern der Insel Tasmanien herumgehüpft und haben dabei deutlich sichtbare geometrische Formen hinterlassen. "Wir sehen Kornkreise auf den Mohnfeldern von zugedröhnten Wallabys", erklärte Tasmaniens Generalstaatsanwältin Lara Giddings am Donnerstag im Parlament der Inselhauptstadt Hobart. Bei der Parlamentsfragestunde ging es um die Sicherung der millionenschweren Mohnernte der Insel.
Der Mohn wird von etwa 500 Farmern unter strengen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen für die Pharmaindustrie angebaut. Aus ihm wird etwa die Hälfte des legalen weltweiten Bedarfs an Morphium und anderen Schmerzstillern gewonnen.
Landwirt Lyndley Chopping baut seit 30 Jahren Mohn an und bestätigt die Angaben der Generalstaatsanwältin über die Zeichen aus niedergetretenen Blumenstängeln. "Die Tiere kommen, fressen ein paar Samen und verschwinden wieder", sagte Chopping. "Dann kommen sie wieder und hinterlassen dabei die Kreise. Es scheint, sie wissen, wann sie genug haben."
Auch Rick Rockliff, ein Sprecher des führenden Opiumherstellers Tasmanian Alkaloids Pty, bestätigt Giddings Analyse. "Es ist möglich, dass die Tiere ein bisschen an den Samenkapseln gesaugt haben", sagte er, während er auf ein paar der nahrhaften Mohnsamen herumkaute. "Die Kapseln enthalten besonders viel Alkaloid, so dass sich dann eine kurzfristige Wirkung zeigt. Die Mohnsamen enthalten nun mal ein Narkotikum und können in größeren Mengen solch eine Wirkung haben." (APA/dpa)


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@ amira:

@ hedi
Leider gibts da keine Übersetzung, einfach URL oder kop. Text hier eingeben: und Du wirst geholfen .....
Ü. ist zwar manchmal genauso lustig wie mit den "Käng-Gurus", aber da die Texte oft recht einfach sind, klappts bei mir meistens ........... den "Rest" macht dann die Ahnung / Das innere Wissen worum's geht !


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Ja, danke Michael, ich versuchs damit

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und weiter gehts :

Martinsell Hill, nr Wootton Rivers,
Reported 25th June.

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