#1 Saint-Germain: "Die Neue Welt begrüßen" und ein Artikel von Alexandra Mahlimay 11.02.2009 18:13

Hallo Ihr lieben,

Diesen Monat im "Joy and Clarity Newsletter", haben wir ein neues Channel von Saint-Germain presentiert, zusammen mit einem Artikel über die "Astrologischen Signaturen der jetzigen globalen Krise". Wir freuen uns diese mit euch zu teilen, und euren Besuch auf unsere Seite zu haben.

Liebe Grüße,
Alexandra und Dan

"Greeting the New World" - A Saint-Germain Channel
By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
February 10, 2009
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

"Dear Friend,

"You've come far in remembering your Divinity these last two thousand years - in remembering that You Are God, also. Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) has shown you the way.

"When Jeshua said, 'The Father and I are One, ' he was not setting himself apart from you in Spirit. Instead, he wanted to remind you that the living God indwells us all, and that acting this way is the surest means of demonstrating it to yourself, and to each other.

"In modern terms, he would probably say it's time you 'walk your talk' upon this planet. That you put into practice your deepest truths. Jeshua was a wonderful example of this for everyone he met.

"If you are reading this now, you've probably reached a point where you, too, like Jeshua, are ready to let your Divinity be the main focus of your humanity. You're ready to walk your talk."

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Much love,

Alexandra and Dan

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